Mia`s Letter

12 December 2003




This letter from Mia is self explanatory .Do any of the members of our discussion Group have any comments or ideas or information we can share with Mia

Warmest Wishes






I just found your interesting web-site today.What you do and try to incorpotrate into medicine is so important.

My name is Mia, I'm a 33 year old Swedish citizen. 5 years ago, something strange and difficult to explain in medical terms began in my life. The Swedish doctors spent a long time just trying to give me a diagnosis. In the end they agreed on schizoaffective syndrome. They stuffed me with anti-psychotic medicine and ofcourse it didn't help. I still heard voices and had visions. I never told anybody about it though. Felt as if they would think I was crazy and give me even more medicine. Through the years I've been in contact with more than 20 psychiatrists and I've never spent more than 20 minutes with any of them. My journal is huge.


Anyway, the help they offered me, ie. drugs was not the help I wanted. Finally I got in touch with another woman who had had similar experiences like me. She gave me advice of how to deal with all this. And I've struggled and fought my way out of this. I've never seen myself as menatally ill, even though the doctor's were trying to convince me that I was.It hasn't been easy and it's taken some time. I've learnt so much in the process of doing this. I know now that nothing is impossible, I know about your own personal responsibility of healing. I know now how much help there is to get from Universe and I know I'm not alone. I still hear voices. I know what these voices are and I usually know where they come from too. I learnt and am still learning how to deal with it. Sometimes it's beautiful and simple and sometimes it's very difficult. And I grow in loving myself more and more, trusting life, having faith, openmin my senses, working with myself all the time.


So, now the mental hospital that I've been in and out of have asked me to come and talk about my experiences and my way of dealing with voices etc. There will be staff there, nurses and doctor's. I'm so happy that they're interested and want to hear my story. I have to wait a while though, because I'm healing myself and there's still some anger there because of the way the've treated me. In the meantime I'm working on forgiving them. I'm sure they were doing their best somehow.


I would like to know if there is anybody in your group that are working in the field of psychology that have heard of, come upon or experienced anything similar to what I have described. What I'm looking for is some kind of scientific or alternative article written about psychosis, schizofrenia or similar with an untraditional point of view of healing. Swedish doctors and psyciatrists are not very open to alternative ways of healing. Seems like they're afraid of it sometimes, as if it was going to rock their whole system and knowledge. There seem to be so much pride involved in all this as well. Well, what I would like to do is just try to show them that there are ways of healing. Because what they're doing is not healing. They just stuff their patients full of medicine and it doesn't help.


I would be so happy if you could give me some contacts, advice or articles that could come in handy for me. If anyone would like to hear my story I would be happy to share it.

I don't have an e-mail address. This is my friend's address. He lives in Amsterdam where I am right now visiting him. Anyway you can reply to this address. It will get to me one way or the other anyway.

Preferably, I would be so greatful if you could reply to my home-address in Sweden.


Mia Hagman

Kopmangatan 28

387 32  BORGHOLM



Tel, +46-485-480 92

Mbl, +46-70-685 03 26


I hope this message gets through to the right person. Thankyou for reading. Lots and lots of good wishes for your organization and may it spread all over the world.


love and light,



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